Nancy R. Peppard, Ph.,D.

     Dr. Peppard is the founder of Out East Neighborhood Network.  She is Geriatric Resource Manager for the organization, grant writer, fundraiser, and Partner Liaison.  


     Over the past 40+ years, Nancy Peppard has emerged as North America’s foremost forensic gerontologist.  A visionary and original thinker regarding the lifestyle, health care, housing, and workforce implications of diverse generational cohorts, Nancy has worked around the world for Fortune 500 corporations, tech-start-ups, national franchises, governments agencies, international law firms, and family-owned conglomerates.

     Nancy is a forensic gerontologist, behavioralist, corporate consultant, popular public speaker, and best-selling author.  She is an Emmy award-winning writer/producer of “It’s My Tomorrow, Too” a PBS/KCET acclaimed docu-drama about aging-in-place in an intergenerational household.

     As founder and CEO of AgeAware®, a consulting and design firm created in 1983 to guide corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations in redefining the concept of leadership in a culturally diverse intergenerational workforce Nancy developed recruitment and management practices of employees, partners, and union members of different generational cohorts for heightened productivity, reduced conflict and turnover, and creative business solutions. 


     Since 2004, Nancy has been conducting workshops that prompt men and women to define their legacy. More Than A Memoir: The Lasting Legacy Project is a highly acclaimed process that assists people in uncovering and recording their memories to build a cache of information invaluable to family, friends and genealogists.  She is currently writing her newest book, More than A Memoir: The Lasting Legacy Project and its accompanying workbook which will be published in February 2020.

     Nancy was a featured speaker at two White House Conferences on Aging and is a regular speaker and workshop leader for the Society of Human Resource Professionals.  She designed and developed the first segregated long-term care unit for people with dementia in the 1970s.  Her model of care and her lifestyle environmental designs continue to be replicated throughout the nursing home and assisted living communities in the U. S., Canada, and Australia.  Her book on Special Care Units (memory care) continues to top the charts on Amazon. 

     Nancy is the AARP/World Health Organization liaison for housing and community designs to age-in-place.  She is most recently the Founder of Out East Neighborhood Network (OENN), an umbrella organization to serve the social, health, and activity needs of people 50+ on the Eastern End of Long Island. OENN is one of the newest members of the “village movement” begun by older Americans in order to remain in their own homes, safely and with dignity, free of the fear of being “housed” in long term care.  

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