Out East Neighborhood Network (OENN) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit umbrella organization, governed by a Board of Directors and created by a group of energetic East Enders who are redefining what it means to grow older through the concept of a virtual village. We want to stay in our own homes, to preserve our independence, to build a sense of community and social connection, to feel secure about the availability of services and the service providers we hire.  We want to use our talents and our financial and professional resources to help one another in our community, as well as to continue to learn, grow, and remain healthy in a supportive social network.


     In order to develop community, resources, and a sense of family throughout the east end, we are organized into five individual virtual villages. Our villages are not a place; they are a way of life.  We continue to live in our own homes, apartments, or condominiums, in our own familiar surroundings, within diverse, intergenerational neighborhoods. However, we are able to grow our social network as we age, get to know new people, plan activities together, and offer help to one another as needed.


     The five villages are located in East Hampton Town, Southampton Town, the Town of Riverhead, the Town of Southold, and Shelter Island.  Membership in OENN does not confine you to the activities of any one village.  Each virtual village will be connected through the central website.  Activities of each village will be posted for all to participate and enjoy.  Each of the five villages has their own Steering Committee.


      Our villages operate under the OENN organizational umbrella for efficiency, accountability, and fundraising purposes. OENN centralization also keeps operating costs low. Through volunteer committees and a small professional staff, the central office writes grants, plans major fundraising events for all members and guests, selects and monitors health and household service providers, makes service referrals, coordinates volunteer services, manages the budget, and is responsible for the business of OENN.



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