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Funding for Dementia Care:

Individuals living in Special Needs assisted living residences who have Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia may qualify for funding that will allow them to continue to live where they are and receive specialized care – even when they can no longer afford the full cost of these private institutions.

Typically, when a resident’s funds dwindle, they must apply for Medicaid, which will cover the cost of care in a skilled nursing home. However, a move to a new facility for someone with dementia who is already comfortable and familiar with his/her surroundings can be “unsettling,” or disorienting according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Any move can be disruptive and may lead to problems with eating, sleeping and wandering.

To avoid that transition, New York State has allocated funds from the 2018-2019 budget for the “Special needs Assisted Living Voucher Demonstration Program for Persons with Dementia.” Those who meet the medical and financial criteria may be eligible to receive funding of up to 75 percent of the monthly cost of their Special Needs Assisted Living Residence, thus allowing them to age-in-place.

LEARN MORE: For details, go to the NYS Dept of Health website (, where you can access a guide to the Special Needs Assisted Living Voucher Program.


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