OutEastNeighborhoodNetwork (OENN) operates largely through the efforts of our countless volunteer members who willingly share their talents, knowledge, spirit, creativity, boundless energy and determination to make our communities better places to age-in-place while living fulfilling lives.


     In combination with our dedicated staff and active Board of Directors, we continue to thrive and grow as individuals and as a committed assembly of diverse people. Our members and volunteers make the network engaging and responsive to members' interests and needs. There are many ways that you can volunteer:



COMMUNITY OUT-REACH: Networks are built upon making new connections throughout a community, a region, and among towns.  Networks connect to build strong, integrated, diverse bonds.  Members arrange informal social get-togethers to welcome prospective new members and to involve existing members in activities, conversations, games, reading groups, and guest discussions.  Members who are home-bound volunteer in our friendly caller program; they reach out to others to check in and make sure other's have what they need for the day; they assist staff in making arrangements for upcoming events, and they join in group activities through interactive technologies and our growing network of SMART devices.


COMPANIONS: Volunteers, both from the Network and others from the community, volunteer to read, accompany people to medical appointments, theater, shopping trips, or to take a walk around the neighborhood.  Some companions will accompany a member who requests support to go on tours and cruises.


DRIVERS: Volunteers provide local transportation to medical  appointments, shopping, the airport/train/Jitney, as well as routine errands.


TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANCE: Volunteers provide assistance with all types of technologies from SMART TVs and PCs/MACs to IPhones, FaceTime and SKYPE, as well as drones, virtual assistants like Alexa, wireless security devices like RING and SimpliSafe, as well as BlueTooth connectivity.


WRITERS AND/OR PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Volunteers write content for the newsletter and the website and/or, contribute photos and videos of our events for Facebook, our website, or marketing material.


HOME MAINTENANCE: Volunteers help with minor household maintenance.  We also have a complete list of home maintenance professionals who will provide timely services at a reduced cost to our members.


SEMI-PROFESSIONALS:  We have a list of people who will care for pets or plants if a member is out-of-town or recently home from a hospital stay. We have volunteers who will help you re-arrange your furniture or hang pictures and help you remove things you no longer want or need from your home.  We also have a list of private duty aides to help you for short periods or around the clock.


OFFICE ASSISTANCE:  Volunteers help in a wide variety of ways in our office from answering new inquiries posed by prospective members to communicating with local libraries and civic organizations about our service to the community, to helping in the office with routine organizational duties.






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